Carmel By The Sea Trip Report


The city of Carmel, CA, nestled along the coast between Monterey and Pacific Grove is a great stop for any visitor to the California coast, and as a kayak angler it should be high on your list of places to fish. Unlike other of-the-beaten-path kayak locations, Carmel can provide family and loved…

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South Fork of the Kings River and Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks Trip Report

While staying in Fresno this summer I took every opportunity to get out on the water and into nature. While the city of Fresno itself lies in the central valley in a somewhat desert like climate, there are multiple rivers running through the area, and trips to mountain lakes and streams are a…

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Spring Redfish Report and Redfish Rumble 2017 Recap

  Starting in mid-March running through mid-June, the spring fishing window in Louisiana is one of the best times of year for getting on the water and chasing big trout, bass, and redfish. The weather becomes more consistent and the sweltering heat of the summer is not underway yet, allowing for long comfortable trips on…

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The Kayaks We Use On Swamp

Here at Wild Louisiana Tours we pride ourselves on providing our guests with the best equipment available in the outdoor industry. Stability, maneuverability, and comfort are required to allow guests to enjoy their experience in comfort while securely taking photographs with expensive photography equipment and smart phones. For this reason we choose to use  More »

The Rookery

Here in Louisiana we have all of the members of the Ardeidea and Threskiornithidae families native to the USA. A wading bird rookery is one of the best places to get shots of these birds because all of the birds are in one place. The birds choose trees or shrubs that…

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Wipe Out! Grand Isle, LA

I got the chance to make the 2 hour drive south to Grand Isle, LA this past 4th of July. Grand Isle is a premier birding hotspot and barrier island in south east Louisiana. Reddish Egrets, Magnificent Frigate Birds, Boobys, and many other harder to find birds of the Gulf Coast can be seen on…

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The Flatwoods, and Learning From Habit

This past weekend I got a chance to photograph some of my favorite landscapes, the Pine Savanna Flatwoods. The Flatwood ecosystems are found in the southeastern United States, stretching from Texas to Florida. Slash and Longleaf pine in the tree canopy and Saw Palmetto and other herb species in the understory are some of the…

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