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Come join us on a Louisiana kayak swamp tour where you will experience the beauty and awe-inspiring world of wild Louisiana. Not a traditional swamp tour, here at Wild Louisiana Tours we promote Eco-friendly ways of viewing nature in a low impact quite method of navigating the waterways. Louisiana is home to an array of biodiversity, the flora and fauna abound here, and one of the best ways to experience the varying ecosystems is in the seat of a kayak. We will take you to places many locals have never seen, and the kayaks we provide you with make for an up-close and intimate view of these great landscapes.

Our tours are guided by native Louisiana naturalists specializing in the ecosystems of Louisiana. On our tours you will learn about the native Louisiana flora and fauna and hear about why these natural wonders play such an integral role in the health of the culture and success of Louisiana. You will be able to enhance your experience by fishing and taking photographs of the unique animals and landscapes Louisiana has to offer.


William K.

“I’ve done about five or six swamp tours since i’ve moved to LA but this was definitely the best, the guy leading was friendly and informative and I saw so much more wildlife than I ever saw on those loud motorboats.”

Edward B.

“What a great experience! The tour was so peaceful and majestic. We got to take part in something most Louisiana visitors never get to see. The guides were great guys who made the trip so easy and fun. They went beyond our expectation with helping with the gear and guiding the tour. I will definitely be back for round two!”

Eunhee L.

“Josh showed us a side of New Orleans we never expected. He was so knowledgable about the natural habitat and patient ( I am a beginner kayaker). We even saw an alligator!!! Highly recommended to round out the bustle of New Orleans with the surprising serenity that surrounds it.”

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