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Louisiana Cypress Swamp Photography Tour

Quick Details

  • $250 USD
  • Motor Boat Or Kayak Available
  • Sunrise/Sunset Times
Person 4 hours

Cypress Swamp Photo Tour New orleans

Swamp Landscape Photo Workshop

Ideal for any nature lover, this swamp and wildlife tour doubles as a Louisiana swamp photography workshop. Your guide, an experienced nature photographer, helps you capture some of the most beautiful landscapes and enticing wildlife in the region.

Most photography workshops are multi-day experiences that are costly and locked into set dates years in advance. Our workshops are set up for private groups and can be booked on a daily basis. We have the flexibility to run sunrise and sunset trips all year long. If you are a nature photographer in New Orleans and want to get out into the swamps but don’t want to be locked into a set workshop schedule, this is the trip for you.