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2020 Fall Cypress Photo Excursions

kayak, kayak photography, swamp photography

“Shooting Sunset In The Swamp”

We are looking forward to our upcoming 2020 Fall Cypress Photo Excursion. We still have two spots remaining for the trip! Spending our days shooting out of the kayaks in the swamp during peak fall color and working on post processing images in our spare time. Our guides will be helping guests setup their tripods in the water, working compositions, and loading in and out of the boats. We have included all lodging and food this year, and will be going to the most scenic locations in the state. For more information and to book one of the remaining spots on the tour click here.

2020 Fall Cypress Excursion

“Getting The Composition Right”

“Wrapping Up The Shoot At Sunset”

cypress, cypress swamp, cypress swamp photography, swamp photography, louisiana photography

“Early Fall Morning In The Swamp”