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What To Do On Your 2023 Christmas/ New Year’s Vacation In New Orleans

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What should I do on my Christmas/New Years vacation in New Orleans?

The crescent city is known as a tourist destination with many activities available to the traveler. If you plan to travel to the Big Easy during the holidays this year we hope this list helps you to enjoy your vacation while down south! While all of the classic New Orleans experiences are still available during the winter holidays, their are a few unique holiday offerings available

  1. Celebration In The Oaks.

One of New Orleans’ classic Christmas events is Celebration In The Oaks at City Park. City Park is the largest park in the crescent city, its even bigger than Central Park in New York City. Its a scenic park with historic oak trees and bayous that adorn its roads and walking paths. During celebration in the oaks, the parks many trees, bridges, and statues are decorated with an impressive display of lights. The coolest things is you can slowly drive through the light show in your car and take in all the sights. For more information visit:

Celebration In The Oaks

2. Lights At The Roosevelt.

Another great light display in New Orleans are the lights that adorn the picturesque lobby of the famous Roosevelt Hotel. Stop by to enjoy the lights or one of the many top notch restaurants available at the Roosevelt.

Roosevelt Lights

3. Fireworks From Algiers.

If your vacation this year coincides with the coming of the new year, one of the best places to watch the firework display while in New Orleans is across the Mississippi River from the French Quarter. The easiest way to get there is to take the Algiers ferry from the dock at the end of Canal St. Once you get across you can grab a drink at the Old Point Bar and then ascend the levee for a view of the fireworks. The best part is the fireworks are above a backdrop of the New orleans city skyline and the lights reflect in the river below for a wonderful feast for the eyes!

New orleans fireworks new years

New Year’s Fireworks

4.Kayak Swamp Tour/Bayous And Byways Half-Day Adventure

Here at Wild Louisiana Tours we are always open on holidays. We know visitors to New Orleans like to get out and explore on their holiday vacations. If you are in town and want to go on an adventure during your holiday travel, try our daily kayak swamp tour in the Manchac Swamp. If you are more adventurous and want to see a little more, try our Bayous And Byways Half-Day Adventure where we kayak in Manchac and then explore the scenic and historic Oak Alley Plantation.

5. River Parish BonFires.

The area known as “the river parishes” is a stretch of small towns and farm lands that abut the Mississippi River between New Orleans and Baton Rouge. These towns along the river are known for their plantations and cultural history. If you want to get out of the city and enjoy the river parishes during your holiday visit to the New Orleans area, the river parish bonfires are a great way to see a new area and get warmed up on a cool night. Many of the communities build elaborate wooden structures shaped like an alligator and other Louisiana icons that are then set ablaze at night along the river.


6. Reveillon Dinners.

An old Crescent City tradition that dates back to the early 1800s, the Reveillon or ‘awakening’ dinners were a tradition started by the Creoles when they would take part in a big feast upon returning home from midnight mass. Now offered at more palatable hours, some of the city’s top restaurants offer their own take on this old tradition serving Xmas Eve meals. For more information on this tradition and a list of restaurants serving these meals, visit:

Best Dinners

The Tradition

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