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Kayak Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Kayak Tips and Techniques for Beginners

Kayaking is one of the best paddling activities for those looking to get some exercise while they enjoy what nature has to offer. From the way you paddle across the water to how you secure yourself in your kayak, effective techniques play an important role in your ability to kayak safely. If you never kayaked before, or want to learn more, these are some kayak tips and techniques you should know.

Know Your Kayak’s Type

One type of kayak doesn’t always fit everyone. In fact, there are a series of different kayaks designed for specific types of excursions. Some of these include touring kayaks, recreational kayaks, child-sized kayaks, and even sit-on-top kayaks. While the fundamental design between these models remains the same, longer shapes and wider seats can go a long way in increasing maneuverability and comfort.

Properly Adjust Your Kayak

If you have a poor kayaking experience, it’s a possibility that you’re simply not comfortable in the kayaking position. Fortunately, this is a simple fix if you know what to look for. When sitting properly in your kayak, your lower back should rest firmly against the seat, the balls of your feet should contact the foot pegs, and your knees should bend comfortably against the inside of the cockpit.

Make sure You’re Paddling Correctly

While it’s best to paddle in a way that’s most comfortable for you, it’s essential that you utilize a few basic techniques to avoid unnecessary injury. Actions such as the forward, reverse, and sweep stroke, in particular, maintain your control of the craft. These fundamental movements can help you more effectively maneuver your kayak while not overexerting yourself or putting strain on your joints.

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