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Animal Photography Tips for Beginners

a bird standing next to a body of water

Animal photography is one of the most rewarding and exciting subcategories of the medium. Not only does this pastime take skill, patience, and a bit of stealth work, but it also puts you up close with various species of stunning wildlife. However, when pursuing this craft, it can test your physical and mental limits—making it crucial that you’re always as informed as possible. So, before you set out on a wildlife photography adventure, keep these animal photography tips for beginners in mind.

Get Comfortable in the Environment

For you to truly focus on taking the perfect picture, you need to be almost as comfortable in the chosen environment as your subjects. In the beginning, this might involve you staying close to home—such as in your backyard or a local park. This ensures your safety as you first start out and allows you to slowly build up your confidence as a photographer.

Study Up on Your Subjects

It’s also important for you to deeply understand the subjects you’ll photograph. By learning about their behavior patterns, temperaments, and active times, it’s significantly easier to capture them at their best. This knowledge will also come in handy when you’re pursuing potentially dangerous wildlife.

Know How to Adapt to Various Conditions

Nature is just as unpredictable as the wildlife living in it. As such, outdoor photographers can find themselves exposed to various conditions. From poor lighting to heavy weather, you must be willing and able to adapt to these scenarios if you want to get the shot.

Keep Your Distance and Be Patient

Not only does backing off from your subject help keep you safe, but it also ensures that the animal behaves naturally. Getting too close can cause them to sense you and alter their actions. It’s also important that you remain patient as you observe to avoid becoming frustrated. This will make the experience more fulfilling and raise your chances of getting the pictures you want.

Continuously Snap Pictures

Whether they’re good or bad, it’s crucial that you’re constantly taking pictures if you want a chance of getting the perfect shot. In fact, for every 100 photos you take, you might only get one that you like. While this can feel annoying, continuously snapping the shutter prevents you from missing even a single moment. As a result, this raises your chances of capturing a perfectly lined up frame.

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