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What Should I Wear On A Kayak Swamp Tour?

We get lots of calls everyday with people asking what they should wear while on one of our kayak swamp tours. While anything that is comfortable for you while you’re doing an outdoor activity is fine to wear, we figured we would share a few recommendations that we have for dressing for a kayak swamp tour.

Lightweight and Breathable

Most of the year it is sunny and warm in Louisiana. Wearing outdoor clothes that are breathable and wick moisture from your skin will keep you cool while you are paddling. Shorts and short-sleeves are fine, but if you don’t want to apply sunscreen all day, there are ample long-sleeve options that are comfortable in warmer conditions.

Patagonia Lightweight Capilene are shirts and underwear made out of super lightweight and breathable material. Great for kayak swamp tours.

Patagonia Quandary pants are a great outdoor pant for warm conditions.

Protect Your Face and Eyes

One of the most important things you can do while out on the water is protect your face and eyes from the sun. We recomend bringing a pair of hat and sunglasses along on our kayak swamp tours. When out on the water  for long hours the surface of the water can act as a reflective surface, so we recomend wearing polarized sunglasses if they are available to you. A large brimmed hat and “buff” or sun mask is also a good accessory to bring along. Recommendations:

Patagonia Sun Mask

Patagonia Hats

Extra Accessories

A lightweight raincoat is good to have in case rain showers pop up while you are paddling. We will still go out in the rain as long as the conditions are not dangerous and having a raincoat to throw on can make your experience more enjoyable.

Patagonia Torrentshell Jacket

While we do not get out of the kayaks on our trips, lots of people like to wear sandals during the spring and summer to keep their feet cool. Companies like Simms and Chaco have some great outdoor sandals.

If you don’t like to be sweaty, bringing a spare change of clothes can keep you fresh after you finish your kayak swamp tour.

Sunscreen and bug spray are additional items you can bring on your trip. Believe it or not the bugs really aren’t bad in the swamp during the day, but some people with sensitive skin still like to have some bug spray just in case. We hope these tips help you plan your trip and we look forward to seeing you on a kayak swamp tour!

Wild Louisiana Tours Staff