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5 Best New Orleans Lunch Spots For Post Kayak Tour Eats

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We get lots of questions from clients about where to eat after our kayak swamp tours. We thought we would compile a list of recommendations here on the blog that guests can refer to when looking for a place to eat after their trip. Below are five good lunch options that won’t break the bank and mix local classics with new up-and-coming establishments.

1. Bevi Seafood Co.

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“Bevi Seafood Co on Carrollton Ave. in Mid City”

Bevi Seafood Co is a great option for folks trying to check some classic New Orleans dishes off of their list. Boiled crawfish, raw oysters, and poboys are all on the menu and are some of the best done in town. Bevi Seafood Co is in the heart of the very centrally located Mid City with the Carrolton Ave. streetcar right out front. After eating you can hop on the streetcar and ride to City Park or back to the French Quarter.

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“Roast beef and shrimp poboys are a great option at Bevi”

2. The Joint

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“The Joint BBQ in the historic Bywater neighborhood”

New Orleans isn’t known for its barbecue but The Joint is one of the places that is putting the crescent city on BBQ aficionado’s maps. Located in the historic Bywater neighborhood, after eating you can stroll through the brightly painted neighborhood or stop by the newly renovated Crescent Park along the Mississippi river.

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“Try a rib plate at The Joint”

3. Kebab

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“Kebab on St. Claude ave.”

Kebab is one of the best “new New Orleans” eateries. If you want to get a feel for the fresh new culinary inventions that Nola is offering, Kebab is one of the places to do it. Hardy kebab style sandwiches are a great option after a long kayak trip in the swamp and the restaurant is located a block away from our pickup and drop-off location at the St. Roch Market on St. Claude Ave.

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“Kebab sandwiches are unbeatable”

4. Central Grocery

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“The historic Central Grocery on Decatour St. in the heart of the French Quarter”

A “cant miss” establishment that should be on every visitor to New Orleans list is Central Grocery. Established in 1906, Central Grocery is the home of the world famous Muffuletta sandwich as it was invented here by Sicilian immigrant Salvatore Lupo. The muffulettas come in half or whole, and a whole sandwich is easily enough for four people.

5. Stein’s Deli

A Jewish and Italian style deli that looks like it was transplanted straight from New York, Stein’s Deli offers a variety of specialty sandwiches to folks venturing down Magazine Street to the historic Garden District of uptown New Orleans. While you’re there take a minute to peruse their shelves for top notch beers, olive oils, and other specialty items. After you’re full, take a stroll out the door down Magazine St. in either direction to visit the unique boutiques and bars that uptown is known for.

We hope this list helps narrow down the options when trying to select a place to eat after your kayak swamp tour with us. This only scratches the surface of what New Orleans has to offer, but all of these places are top notch and located in areas where there is a lot to do after you dine. After your kayak tour stop in one of these great eateries and get a taste of what New Orleans has to offer.

~ Josh Reppel