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Spring New Orleans Kayak Fishing Report

The Redfish Are In Full Swing

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“kayak fishing for redfish”

This spring we have been spared from heavy rain, big winds, and strong storms. The water in the shallow ponds that we target is crystal clear. The crabs are abundant and the redfish are busy tailing and crushing bait. We’ve had unseasonably cool temperatures and its been a blast being on the water fishing.

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“Rick from Idaho filled the cooler for his flight home”

The bait of choice has been the Johnson Gold Spoon as it imitates the small crabs the redfish are crushing in the backwater grass flats. A steady cast and retrieve will do the job. We have been seeing tailing fish  increase in numbers, so sightfishing is always an option. We can throw soft plastics or even the fly rod if you are feeling adventurous. If you want your catch cleaned we can get you fileted and ready to bring your catch home. If you are looking to do a “cook your catch” in New Orleans, we recommend the Dickie Brennan’s Bourbon House on Bourbon St.

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“A solid marsh pumpkin”

If you are in New Orleans and want to take a “cajun sleigh ride” give us a call today! 985-205-1527

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