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The Kayaks We Use On Swamp

A group of Jackson Kayaks along the bayou.

Here at Wild Louisiana Tours we pride ourselves on providing our guests with the best equipment available in the outdoor industry. Stability, maneuverability, and comfort are required to allow guests to enjoy their experience in comfort while securely taking photographs with expensive photography equipment and smart phones.

For this reason we choose to use Jackson Kayaks, as they are not only a local American made kayak brand, but their boats are made from high quality materials, and serve all of the needs that are required for bringing people through the swamps on a daily basis. Take a look at the seating options available on some of our boats above. The Jackson Riviera, although a sit on top kayak, a great molded seat and backrest are features not common on the average uncomfortable sit on top. Also notice the GoPro mounting track and dry storage on the Jackson Tupelo in the foreground.

Along with the kayaks, a good PFD and paddle are necessary for safety and performance on our kayak swamp tours. The NRS vests we use are low profile and lightweight to ensure easy arm movement and breathability in the heat. Our Werner paddles are also some of the best available with good grip and made from light materials so your arms don’t get tired after a long day paddling.
Check out how stealthy these two guests were able to be to get close for a photo of this alligator. This would not be possible with loud bulky equipment. Along with the stealth, the stability of the kayaks is great for taking photos of the wildlife in the swamp as seen below.
If you are on the kayaking market and are interested in getting some of your own gear, you cant go wrong with the companies mentioned above. Also, if you are in New Orleans or planning your next adventure to the bayou state of Louisiana, don’t hesitate to give us a call at 985-205-1527 or book online at our website
It is our pleasure to show you the beauty of the bayous and wildlife we have here in Louisiana. Come join us on a kayak swamp tour today and experience Wild Louisiana!