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How to Quell Anxiety about Kayaking for First-Time Kayakers

How to Quell Anxiety about Kayaking for First-Time Kayakers

For many who want to take up the sport, kayaking can be an adventure of a lifetime. It can, however, also come with a lot of beginner’s anxiety on the first few excursions. Don’t let your fears get in the way of a fun outing—take a few of these steps to ease your anxiety about kayaking.

Pace Yourself

If you experience first-time kayaking jitters, it’s important to remember there’s no rush. Taking the excursion at your own pace will allow you to ease into the experience and get yourself used to the activity one step at a time. Additionally, the world often moves very quickly for anxious individuals, so slowing down can help you stay in the moment and relieve your stress.

Stick with the Group

For your first time out, surround yourself with strong kayakers that can create a safe environment for you to learn in. Though you might not have confidence in your own kayaking skills just yet, sticking close to others on the trip can make you feel more secure. Take solace in the fact that they’re there to assist you in an emergency and will teach you techniques to get you used to the experience.

Practice, Practice, Practice

One of the best ways to cure your kayaking anxiety is to frequently practice. If you devote some time to the craft and hone your skills, you can reduce the risk you’ll have an accident. As a result, this will boost your confidence and allow you to improve. Taking the time to practice will also get you familiar with safety equipment and how it’s properly used in an emergency.

Breathe and Visualize Success

Sometimes, something as simple as slowing down to take a breath can have a large impact on how you cope with kayaking anxiety. Use this moment to think positively about the situation and visualize yourself successfully paddling through the current. When you picture yourself in this manner, you can meet your goals and get into a more positive frame of mind.

Take Lessons

It doesn’t hurt to educate yourself on the craft if you’re worried about the unknown. Since starting your kayaking experience with a full-length trip might overwhelm you, sign up for a class to learn the basics in a safe and controlled environment. With this background knowledge at your disposal on your first excursion, the overall experience doesn’t feel as new and dangerous.

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