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Staff Bios

Nicholas Solnick

Tour Guide

Swamp Kayaking Tours

Nicholas Solnick is a Louisiana naturalist, environmentalist, outdoor enthusiast and musician. As a native to Louisiana, Nick familiarized himself with local flora, fauna and culture from an early age ; his initial casual encounters developing into a passionate interest. That interest drove him to pursue further research and practical engagement with outdoor and cultural activities. In 2011, Nick graduated from the University of New Orleans with a degree in musical performance specializing in drumming and percussion. It was during his time at UNO where he met his kayak fishing buddy and future owner of Wild Louisiana Tours. It was on one of their fishing trips that Josh invited Nick to join the Wild Louisiana Tour Team.

Having come from a military family, Nick was instilled with survival skills and a sense of self reliance by his Marine Corp father. These skills provided him with the foundations for future trips when, in his early twenties, Nick developed an interest in hiking and backpacking. After several smaller outings, he underwent his first major backpacking excursion : the Camino de Santiago, stretching 550 miles across Northern Spain. Since then, he has thru-hiked the Camino a second time, the John Muir trail (220 miles across the High Sierras in California), and the longest local thru-hike, and one of his returning favorites, The Wild Azalea Trail (26 miles in Kisatchie National Forest) along with many smaller hikes stretching both across America, from the deserts in Arizona to the tree-topped mountains of Appalachia and Europe, in the German and Swiss Alps. He also participates in other outdoor activities such as kayaking and rock climbing to keep him in shape for the next big hike.

During the past three years with Wild Louisiana Tours, Nick’s experience in the Manchac Swamp has provided him with a deep understanding of the natural cycles of this delicate ecosystem so unique to Louisiana. He’s familiarized himself with the native birds, reptiles, trees, edible plants as well its ethno-ecology. In doing these swamp tours, Nick’s desire is to, “Pass along my knowledge in hopes that others will also fall in love with the area and want to protect it.”

Joshua Hermann

Owner/Tour Guide

Joshua is a native New Orleanian. He grew up exploring the bayous, swamps, and marshes with his father Max. Wether it was hiking, boating, fishing, or photographing, he was always in the outdoors as a child, and still spends the majority of his time there today. He went to school for music and currently splits his time between the swamp during the day and playing gigs as a bass player for numerous local bands at night in New Orleans. His love for the outdoors led him to start Wild Louisiana Tours to offer visitors a more eco-friendly way to experience the beautifully diverse and critically important wetlands of south Louisiana. He attended the Louisiana Master Naturalist program and continues to expand his knowledge of the flora and fauna of the area. Currently developing a home base for Wild Louisiana Tours in the historic Manchac Swamp, he hopes to work with the local government and agencies to make sure the area is protected for years to come, investing in Adopt-A-Road, Manchac Greenway, and other preservation programs. He currently leads photo workshops for Wild Louisiana Tours as well, bringing guests all over south Louisiana after landscape photography images of the magnificent scenery Louisiana has to offer. Some of his photographic work can be found here:


Part owner/Tour Guide


Maximillion really needs no introduction. He’s been exploring the outdoors long before most of us were babies. He taught Josh all he knows about the swamp since he was a young boy. Just read the reviews online touting Max as an amazing guide and hopefully you will get him as a tour guide on your trip!